What our grads have to say…

Caleigh R.


Erica, I just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing teacher, I just did an 11 girl wedding with a tattoo cover up by myself and now have my bills paid for the next month. I wouldn’t of been able to do it with out you and Will; thank you so much for giving me your knowledge!

Hayley M.


Hi! I just wanted to give you personal review of the school. I completed AMUA’s certificate program last year. It was an intensive one month training program that covered all areas of being a Freelance Makeup Artist. Beauty, Fashion, SFX, and airbrush. They also provide you with an extensive kit that you will use in class and for a long time after. Lessons were very hands-on and thorough. The class size is small so there is always time to ask questions and perfect your technique. When I attended, Ashley Eisenlohr was the sole instructor (since then, they have added instructors) and I can’t give her enough positive feedback. She has worked in this industry for a very long time and continues to work as a successful makeup artist in Nashville and many other locations. She is also a huge help after school. She lets you know about bookings and is always willing to give you professional advice. Also, the community of alumni is really strong. We are constantly communicating with each other and working together.
AMUA and getting training is totally worth it. Not only do you gain proper knowledge and techniques (proper sanitation techniques are huge in the industry and a lot of MUA’s don’t abide by those procedures. gross), telling someone you were trained in a school and not on YouTube gives you a leg up in getting bookings. It’s very hard to move to a big city and instantly start assisting without any connections or training (not to mention getting paid). Very few people would let a green MUA on their set. Personally, it gave me a lot of confidence to be able to submit to any gig because I knew my training supplied me with the tools and knowledge to complete the job. They also really prepare you for the real world with the business side of things. You talk about getting bookings, building your kit (on top of the extensive kit that is provided), doing your taxes, and set etiquette. Nashville is a great place to learn, by the way. We have a strong commercial market, a growing film and TV industry (do you watch “Nashville”?), and we are Music City USA so we always have plenty of artists shooting music videos and album covers.
As someone who completed the program, I will tell you the work I’ve been doing since finishing the program. I’ve worked on 5 music videos, 3 album cover shoots, 2 short films, 1 feature length film, tons of weddings and photoshoots. Most of these projects were paid. I will also mention that I’ve maintained a full time job on top of those projects. You get out what you put in.
If you have the means and a year to devote to schooling, going to a big school in NY is fine, but you have to think about all the extra costs of living in a big city like that and how saturated the market already is. AMUA is a great starting point for an aspiring makeup artist. You get plenty of training in a short amount of time, don’t rack up tons of debt, and an excellent supportive community around you. You can always move on from there. I know girls who have gone on to NY and LA (I’m personally pursuing film in Vancouver in the next year), but there is tons of work here in Nashville if you go looking for it. I would recommend this school to anyone because it helped me find my career and immediately start working in the industry.

Meko D.


I too went to the Academy of Makeup Arts.  I am from Nashville, TN and did extensive research on larger programs at MUD and so on.  However, I decided to go to stay in town and go to the AMUA to start, and maybe decide to do a bigger program later.  I graduated in February 2011, and I can say that I am SO glad that this is the route I took.  And now I have no intention of going to any other makeup school.  I do plan to attend some other workshops (continuing education is key), I received an awesome foundation for my career.  The Academy of Makeup Arts provided me with the kit, skills and confidence to pursue things that I never thought imaginable.  Since completing my program, I have had the opportunity to work on ad campaigns, music videos, reality t.v. shows, live events, and much more.  In fact, I worked on a live Grammy show backstage at the nomination concert here, I am in the midst of filming a reality show, and will be traveling to Miami in a couple of weeks to work on a runway show.  So let me tell you, it is very possible.  Ashley (the director) is awesome, and has been there every single time I’ve needed her since I finished. I can tell you from personal experience that I am glad I went to a smaller school, wasn’t just a number, and got an awesome jump start to my career.  I do plan to move to New York…and I am positive that when I get there I will have the tools, foundation, and confidence to be competitive and successful in that market.   Good luck! 🙂

Kerry L.

2012 Alumni

I attended the Academy of Make Up Arts in April of 2012. The course was extensive & covered all aspects of the make up industry. For once in a long time I became inspired as an artist. I have been looking for such inspiration & guidelines into the world of makeup & found it at AMUA. I was so excited to find out our class would be attending & assisting Ashley with the RAW show in Nashville. It was an exhilarating experience!! Our class was filled with amazing talent & positive smiles. I am still in touch with most. Ashley is dedicated to teaching not only make up skills & value but also gave great insight on the actual business. She has an amazing team of artist that work long side of her to create the best learning environment for each student. I feel AMUA has given me the best training to become a successful Make Up Artist. For that I am grateful!!

Shirley M.

2011 Alumni

It was truly an honor to attend the Academy of makeup arts. This as something that I wanted to persue for a while but didn’t really know how to get started until I saw the website and spoke with someone and decided this was the school I wanted to attend. I am so satisfied with what Ashley has taught me and I feel truly blessed to have studied under her.

Necole V.

2011 Alumni

I always wanted to be a MUA and was never given the chance to follow my dreams UNTIL I found AMUA. I have never enjoyed a program as much as this one nor had such an enjoyable learning experience! Ashley has not only created an amazing institute to learn the craft of becoming a MUA but she is a great instructor!! The fact that the program covers so much in 4 weeks and allows you to start your career with a professional portfolio has been the best part. I highly recommend attending to anyone who is just thinking about venturing in to the makeup industry. This program is the best out there for anyone who is looking to become a MUA. AMAZING!!!!!

Kerry Woodard

Fashion Stylist & Creative Director

Since I’ve been working with the students with AMUA, I love their dedication and how they capture the concept and inspiration of the editorials they’ve worked on with me. The ladies have all been professional and knowledgeable. They’ve been on target with every editorial in regards to the makeup and hair concepts. They really capture the beauty and look I’m going for. I always make a point to work with the graduates because I know that I don’t have to worry about lack of knowledge, talent and professionalism. I love AMUA!!! View Kerry’s work at www.KerryWoodard.com.

Traci H.

2011 Alumni

I want to take a minute to let you know that I am really enjoying your class. For something that I have always had an interest in, yet not knowing a lot about the different “styles”, your method of teaching is wonderful. Having never done anything like this before, and being in a room full of people that have, I tend to feel a bit intimidated and I think I am more nervous about it. I love the atmosphere. I will stop rambling, but I just want to say THANK YOU!!

Keya B.

2008 Alumni

Becoming a student with the Academy of Makeup Arts gave me the fundamental skills I needed to begin my makeup career. There I learned the techniques that make me stand out as an artist. My program was very comprehensive, I got my feet wet in just about every aspect of makeup artistry. Each lesson challenged and inspired me. I took the skills I learned and began a bridal makeup artistry business. In addition to the makeup skills I learned, I also gleaned from Ashley the dedicated go getter attitude it takes to succeed in this industry. The beginning I got at the Academy of Makeup Arts is valuable, it gave me the confidence I needed to go after my dreams!