Our Team

The AMUA team is composed of some of the industry’s top talent. All of our instructors are State-approved. Ensuring that their skills and credits remain current and cutting edge, instructors are encouraged to continue freelancing in their respective fields when not teaching.

Our team of makeup Instructors is committed not only to providing exceptional daily instruction, but also the motivation and support needed to help each and every student graduate with the highest level of marketable skills and a confidence level that will set them apart in the makeup industry.

Ashley Driver Lords

Founder & Executive Director

Ben Rittenhouse

Special Effects Program Director & Instructor

Bennett Jason

Freelance Makeup Artist Program Instructor

AMUA Instructor Kevin St. James
Kevin St. James

Fashion Makeup Artist Program Instructor

Michael Meyer

The Art of Wig and Hair Design Director & Instructor

Ernie Passwaters
Miss Ernie

Admissions Representative & Photographer

Sebastian Smith

Photography & Lighting Instructor / Beauty Photographer