Our Team

Not only are our instructors State-approved, they’re composed of some of the entertainment industry’s top talent. One of whom we are proud to share, is an Emmy award winning special effects makeup artist. Another is renowned for decades of experience in live theatre and opera, and others have experience as freelance makeup artists for commercials, videos, and fashion photography. The faculty are not bound by the classroom; they all still work in their respective fields outside the classroom thus ensuring their skills are kept up-to-date. They maintain the ability to share real-world experiences with their students.

Ashley Driver Lords

Founder & Executive Director

Ben Rittenhouse

Special Effects Program Director

Bennett Jason

Freelance Makeup Artist Program Instructor

AMUA Instructor Kevin St. James
Kevin St. James

Fashion Makeup Artist Program Instructor

Michael Meyer

The Art of Wig and Hair Design Program Director

Ernie Passwaters
Miss Ernie

Director of Admissions & In-House Photographer

Sebastian Smith

Beauty Photographer