The Art of Wig & Hair Design Program

The images portrayed should be seen as the instructor’s capability of conveying skill sets and information to his students and as a visual representation of his classroom and not as the instructor’s personal work.

Program Overview

  • Contact Hours: 700
  • Duration: 20 Weeks
  • Meets: Monday-Friday 9-5 PM or 9-12:30 PM**
  • Total Cost of Program: $22,402
    • Registration Fee: $100
    • Tuition: $17,500
    • Kit & Materials: $3,740
    • Admin Fees: $1,062
  • Award: Diploma

It is strongly recommended, but not required, that students successfully complete the Freelance Makeup Artist Program or the Advanced Makeup Artist Program prior to enrolling in this Program.

The Art of Hair and Makeup Design Program is limited to 12 students per session. Early enrollment is encouraged.

Tuition and Fees Include Hair Kit & Materials needed for class projects.

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**Part-time study is available with Director and Instructor’s approval. See Part-Time Study tab for more info.

While others lose themselves in the story, you have your eyes on the details. You see how each character’s hair and styling expresses something about their nature, and you want to be part of the team that makes them real. You understand that becoming a wig maker means mastering styles from throughout history to create pieces persuading enough to survive bright lights, high-definition cameras and even the familiar gazes of a medical patient’s family. And you want a Diploma and a portfolio that employers will truly respect.

The Art of Wig and Hair Design Program at AMUA in Nashville is a 20-week intensive course that will teach you all you need to know to design, create, and style wigs, facial hair, and faux fur. From week one, you’ll be doing the practical, hands-on work wig makers do every day. You’ll also be collaborating with students from other programs on larger projects, structured just like a real film crew.

And you’ll be doing it all in a small class, under the personal supervision of a top industry professional.

Graduates of the wig making course have gone on to careers in:

  • Film and television
  • Theater, opera and ballet
  • Special events
  • Medical wig making

Program Curriculum

  • Basic Ventilating
  • Building and styling facial hair
  • Altering commercial wigs for the entertainment industry
  • Quick, standard and deep fronts with parts
  • Measuring to ensure the perfect fit
  • Full  super lace wig
  • Standard wig foundations
  • Period Hairstyling (at least 10 different periods)
  • Monster Hair
  • Hair punching
  • Texturing Hair
  • Medical / contemporary wigs
  • Budgeting
  • Designing wig styles according to character

2018 Program Schedule

  • January 8 – May 25 – 10 Seats Remaining
  • August 1 – December 21 – 10 Seats Remaining
Michael C. Meyer

Professor Michael C. Meyer

Statement: Beyond the enjoyment of passing information on to others, there is an enormous amount of excitement that comes from seeing a student succeed; In my experience the best learning is done by giving them challenges, along with freedom to develop, and permission to make mistakes. I try to create such an atmosphere by allowing the students to use their critical thinking skills, develop innovative techniques and ideas through hands on training in the classroom, as well as working on productions, performances, and community service activities.

Bio: Michael, The Art of Wig and Hair Design Program Director, most recently held the position of Head of Department at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where he taught all levels of makeup, wig making and styling, prosthetic work, and animatronics.

Born and educated in Germany, he received a cosmetology license as well as a makeup  artistry license in Germany, and was accepted into the German stage association (G.D.B.A).

Mr. Meyer worked in his profession at the Hannover State Theater where an average of 40 productions, equaling approximately 250+ shows a year were performed.

In ‘98, he and his wife came to the USA where he accepted a position as a wig maker at the San Francisco Opera. He was quickly promoted to 1st assistant wig maker where his responsibilities included custom wig making, and prosthetic work.

Mr. Meyer is also active outside of his teaching duties. He has worked as a special effects artist with the local film industry, as well as a wig and makeup designer for theatrical companies around the world. He has worked closely with the medical communities creating medical task trainers, and has built animatronics that are currently being enjoyed by children’s museums.

He has taught workshops around the globe, and looks forward to continuing to bring these arts to many more people, regardless of their languages and locations.

In his free time, Mr. Meyer spends his time using his expertise for local cancer services, where he provides fittings and styling of wigs for people in need. He has been happily married for more than 25 years, and is the proud father of two adult women.

To see more of Mr. Meyer’s works visit

Part-time Study Option

Designed for working adults with some experience in hair or makeup, this program has the flexibility of allowing for a part-time option in which students will complete 350 hours in-class and 350 hours of independent lab time.

In-class hours are Monday-Friday from 9-12:30pm and will consist of lectures, demonstrations, supervised instruction time and critique.

Students will complete independent lab hours whenever it’s convenient for them- whether after work, or on the weekends.

Part-time Program Overview

  • Contact Hours: 350
  • Independent Lab Hours: 350
  • Duration: 20 Weeks
  • Meets: Monday-Friday 9-12:30 PM
  • Total Cost of Program: $22,402
    • Registration Fee: $100
    • Tuition: $17,500
    • Kit & Materials: $3,740
    • Admin Fees: $1,062
  • Award: Diploma