Freelance Makeup Artist Program

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  • Clock Hours: 96
  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Meets: Saturday/Sunday 9-4 PM or Monday/Wednesday 4-10 PM
  • Total Cost of Tuition & Fees: $4,703
    • Application Fee: $100
    • Tuition: $2,880
    • Materials & Admin Fees: $1,723
  • Award: Certificate

Due to small class sizes, early enrollment is encouraged. No pre-requisites; this program is appropriate for beginners. Fees include Pro Makeup Kit, Airbrush Kit

Students who successfully complete this program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion approved by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Our most streamlined class, the Freelance Makeup Artist program prepares students for the workplace in just 8 weeks with a part-time schedule. With a focus on beauty and glamour techniques, this option is best suited for those interested in bridal, special  events, pageants and photography. It provides students with the entry-level skills necessary to explore the possibilities as a freelance makeup artist, or to work with their favorite retail cosmetics brands.

We begin with beauty basics, hair styling and sanitization, and then build upon that foundation to create bridal and glamour looks that will get you hired. Each day provides students with invaluable hands-on exercises that culminate in a daily review and critique of their work. This process gives our students practical experience and the confidence to step into the workplace upon graduation.

Beyond expert makeup skills, an understanding of business and the industry is critical. Freelance Makeup Artist students are invited to partake in our intensive week-long makeup business class that is offered 4 times each year.

  • Beauty Makeup – 4 weeks
  • Airbrush Makeup – 1 week
  • Photographic Hair Styling – 1 week
  • Photography & Lighting – 1 week
  • Business Development – 1 week


  • January 14 – March 5 – Closed
  • April 8 – May 28 – Closed
  • July 15 – September 3 – Closed
  • October 7 – December 3 – 9 Seats


  • January 8 – March 28 (Monday/Wednesday
  • January 13 – March 4 (Saturday/Sunday)
  • April 2 – May 23 (Monday/Wednesday)
  • April 14 – June 3 (Saturday/Sunday)
  • July 9 – September 29 (Monday/Wednesday)
  • July 14 – September 2 (Saturday/Sunday)

  • October 1 – November 21 (Monday/Wednesday)
  • October 6 – December 1 (Saturday/Sunday)

Last updated 7/10/2017

McKenzie Gregg

Bennett Jason has inspired creativity, confidence, and individuality through cosmetic application and artistic direction for 10+ years. He was discovered by a producer and was soon involved in casting direction, production assistance, runway coordination, and makeup artistry at Warner Brothers Studios in Hollywood.

From the west coast, Bennett came to NYC in 2004, and immediately landed a job with fashion mogul Diane von Furstenberg, managing her namesake beauty line in SoHo. He has been walking his path with such hard hitting beauty brands as Lancome and Stila ever since.